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My Story

This blog is all about my life experiences as a passionate artist, classically trained musician, jewelry designer, Mother of 3 young adult daughters, and why I am a mental health advocate.

I have been married to my husband since 1988.  He is a mental illness survivor after being diagnosed with bipolar and ocd illnesses in 1987. Together, we have climbed more mountains than I would have ever thought possible.  And we are thrivers. We believe life is about taking risk, following your dreams and doing the impossible. This blog is all about our experiences, work and advocacy and I hope it will inspire you to thrive!  As we have journeyed together, we have learned about how closely our passions as mental health advocates matches our creativity and artistry. 

I became a fan of recycling and repurposing, way before it was cool and popular.  I did it when my life was really difficult and I had no choice but to recycle.  I came from a family that recycled, because it made common economical sense to them.

We can see a clear link between re-imagining a piece of furniture with re-purposing our lives as advocates. Both involve recycling! We make our living as jewelry artists. Our recycled guitar string jewelry business was the creative vision of my husband.  We are both musicians and this idea was pure inspiration.  It shows the world that people with mental illness can still offer a lot to our society through their stories and creative passions.

Before moving into an apartment a few years back, we were just coming off a 3 years road trip in an RV and we were so excited about having space again.  I can tell you RV living is not for everyone.  However, we loved it, but space was not a premium, that's for sure.  We crammed 5 people into 320 square feet.  Being a great organizer, I knew how to make the most of our small space. And when we were moving out of it, people laughed and commented they didn't know how we could have had so much in it.

We are now in a beautiful home and I must say, it feels so good to have a place I can call a sanctuary.  It's my haven!  I love decorating to reflect our love for cottages, farmhouse style, vintage, recycled, burlap, music, junk and whatever else inspires us.  It's been our way of life for years.  In fact, we revived and made old things look new for years before it was all the rage.  I love that people are returning to the past and reviving old things.  It connects us to our past and I think that's very important.  Never forget where you come from for it shapes who you are and who you are becoming.

I'd love to know you are out there reading my posts and enjoying what I share, so be sure to follow and post your inspiring comments.


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