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Only the Strong Survive

I think the February Funk season may finally be over for me.  Fingers crossed.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll know I feel like I am finally honing on my why I should have a presence on IG in the first place.  As I have worked through this funky season, I realized that my studio being shoved into a dark room was not helping me thrive.  Here is my studio as it looks today.  It's right inside the front door where the light floods the space and I can breathe and work here. But this isn't why I wrote this post.  Read on!

For all you sensitive souls, this post is for you...(and me)! Do you find yourself sometimes drowning in your overload of emotions? I know I do. In these seasons of life, do you find it hard to navigate and trust your heart? Self doubt is a big struggle for me.

There are many times when I can have an influx of emotions and in the middle of this I can find it challenging to hone in on why I have an overload of these feelings in the first place. I lo…