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Where Our Dreams are Headed

Late Sunday afternoon, we packed up the tent from yet another art show, emotionally and physically exhausted, wondering if this was all there was for our lives.  Spent from 4 days of heat, both of us felt like we just couldn't do another thing.  We packed up headed for home and spent the next 4 hours defragging and talking about what comes next. Don't get us wrong, we love meeting people at shows but there are many things about this lifestyle that are perhaps not the best for Glen or me, long term anyway.

If you've never done an art show, then you might not know how intense this type of work is.  Neither of us is getting any younger and that doesn't mean we are afraid of hard work.  It just means that the hours that go into a creative business are unbelievable.  Art shows have become exhausting and stressful and so we really NEED to open the door to new ideas of growth and branding.

In truth, both Glen and I have to limit our stress load.  The years of loss has caused me to some days feel a bit like I've got a mild case of PTSD.  I have occasional anxiety and Glen has his depression and bipolar to carefully guard.  When the heat rises and he begins to sweat, then there is a huge loss of salt from his system.  Staying out of the sun and heat are 2 things he is supposed to avoid while taking lithium, but it's become virtually impossible.  And for me, well....I think that life has beat me up a bit from all the support I've given and I need to branch out into an avenue of living that is way less stressful.

Keeping our story and cause at the forefront is always the main mission.  From survival and a million times of throwing jello against the wall came innovation that inspires. Our story isn't necessarily the most inspirational or scintillating, but it has indeed encouraged no doubt hundreds if not thousands of people since March 2009.

We believe the power of our story can be felt in the living room as well as the board room.  Unafraid to speak, Glen and I believe the power of our business will come to life in new ways with home parties and meet the artists events.  Everywhere we look we can see a great need for sharing our mission of awareness, education and advocacy.  Not just for ourselves but within places like the workplace and education environments.  Glen and I understand first hand how it feels to be mistreated because of his mental health.  We know what it means to be bullied and discriminated against.  We also understand that mental disabilities are harder to see and therefore they are often overlooked, especially in the workplace. I think that's why sharing our story is so necessary.

The next step for you and ReThrive will be a beautiful partnership like never before.  Online or Home Parties is a way for you to introduce our brand to your friends, family or coworkers. If you believe in us, our product and our story, then I believe you will want to host a jewelry party with ReThrive!  We aren't asking and not giving in return.  We will offer a host of rewards and supportive measures.  Hostesses will earn free products and we have put in place lots of incentives.  I am offering to Facetime every hostess who books an office or home party.  Won't that be fun!  Imagine sitting in your living room with your girlfriends, gathered around a computer, sipping wine and sharing laughter all while trying on a few pieces of our jewelry!  Your friends will shop our website, and I can chat with everyone while they do so!

But what I think is even better, is the Meet the Artist Parties.  I've met so many of you online wouldn't it be great if we met face to face?!  I would love it and I don't think you'd be disappointed.  I am offering anyone the chance to book a party with me or both Glen and I as your host/hostesses.  If you live far away, and you want to book a party, then in exchange for you paying our travel expenses, we will give you a FREE room makeover on the room of your choice.  Imagine having a party with your friends in your newly redecorated living room!  To learn more about this, click here. And I will be right there with you with a full display of our jewelry where all your friends can shop.

I don't know about you, but this idea excites me.  I can't think of a better way to grow my business than by hosting parties with some of the best fans and customers in the whole world!!!  I love my customers.  I have met some amazing people who have dug deep to support our mission of mental health awareness by purchasing our jewelry and talking to everyone they know about it.  If the mission is important to you, if you find yourself intrigued by these ideas, then please consider booking a party.  Please share our mission with your boss, friends, & colleagues.

The dream goes even deeper, friends!  Workplaces, schools, churches, social clubs...there's a million places that need our story of advocacy and education.  This is our wish, our hope and our dream...sharing our story so we can make a difference.  Over and over people thank us for being open and honest.  They applaud our efforts to be bold and brave while publicly sharing our very painful and private story.  It's so rewarding to know how many of your have taken our message and story to heart.

Would you like to Meet the Artists and hear our story in person?  Do you think your workplace needs our story of advocacy and inspiration?  Are you looking for a way to make a difference and do you believe in sharing stories and businesses that change lives?  I can't think of a better time of year to get on board, host a party or book an event than right now!


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