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Want FREE Jewelry?

Last night's Facebook LIVE was awesome.  I can't being to tell you all how amazing you are!  Simply incredible.  I have the best fans and followers.  I truly am grateful for you all.  And since you are so amazing, I hope that our relationship will continue to grow and I do hope you will link arms with us as we move into doing more parties and events.

In case it's not all clear, I want to make sure you understand your options.

1.  Local Parties - Glen and Joyce can host your event (for FREE) if you live within 1 hour of Savannah.  We will bring our complete collection of jewelry and all you need to do is provide us with table space to display our pieces.  You invite the guests, provide refreshments and we do the rest!

2.  Online Parties - There's actually 2 ways to host an online party.  You can set a space of time for friends to order from our website.  They will be given a code to use a checkout so we can track your orders.

3.  Online Home Parties - This event is where you will gather all your friends together around your computer.  You will have pre-purchased a kit of a few items to show as samples, or show them all the pieces you already own!!!  Customers will order right there on the computer and again they will have a code to use at checkout that will track your sales orders.  Want to know what you can earn? Send us a message and we will send you all the details. Lots of great goodies for you!


4.  Meet the Artist Parties - We are super excited about offering this option to anyone, anywhere.  If you will pay the expenses, we will travel to you, and host the party in your home.  We will share a brief overview of our story and cause.  And of course...we will bring our entire jewelry collection!  In exchange for you paying our airfare, we offer a FREE room makeover on the room of your choice.  This makeover redesign means we will use what you already own to create a fresh cohesive look for your space.  Then, why not host the party right there...if it's your living room, of course. :)

5.  Meet the Artist Events - Slightly different than the parties, this option is for businesses.  For a nominal fee, plus travel expense and the opportunity for us to display our jewelry, Glen and I will come to your office and share what we feel business owners need to know about Mental Illness.  How do we treat an employee who is suffering from anxiety, PTSD & depression?  Their needs are different and they are in the workplace suffering alone and in silence.  We are here to help!

If you have any questions or need more information, please email us at:
Visit our website for more information!


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