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I Am UnBroken

I am unbroken! I don’t always feel that is true but I am nonetheless unbroken. That is good. Though the challenges of mental health...all the loss, all the discrimination, all the misunderstandings...though we felt it pile on us, I remember saying “it will not break me!” I will never let it win. 

I view my life as a mental health lifestyle expert simply because I have refused to be broken and destroyed by all our challenges. And they’ve been many over 30 years. Loss was the biggest! Glen was discriminated against over and over and back then you just took those sucker punches and walked away gasping for air! Not again were words I’d say over and over! And yet it happened again and again. But not just the job loss, there was the loss of opportunity and friendships. Those hurt the worst of all. Yet we remain together and we are unbroken! 
My main objective became providing sanctuary for our little family...creating a cocoon to caress our weary souls.  That’s the reason Home Decor is so imp…

Want FREE Jewelry?

Last night's Facebook LIVE was awesome.  I can't being to tell you all how amazing you are!  Simply incredible.  I have the best fans and followers.  I truly am grateful for you all.  And since you are so amazing, I hope that our relationship will continue to grow and I do hope you will link arms with us as we move into doing more parties and events.

In case it's not all clear, I want to make sure you understand your options.

1.  Local Parties - Glen and Joyce can host your event (for FREE) if you live within 1 hour of Savannah.  We will bring our complete collection of jewelry and all you need to do is provide us with table space to display our pieces.  You invite the guests, provide refreshments and we do the rest!

2.  Online Parties - There's actually 2 ways to host an online party.  You can set a space of time for friends to order from our website.  They will be given a code to use a checkout so we can track your orders.

3.  Online Home Parties - This event is wher…

Where Our Dreams are Headed

Late Sunday afternoon, we packed up the tent from yet another art show, emotionally and physically exhausted, wondering if this was all there was for our lives.  Spent from 4 days of heat, both of us felt like we just couldn't do another thing.  We packed up headed for home and spent the next 4 hours defragging and talking about what comes next. Don't get us wrong, we love meeting people at shows but there are many things about this lifestyle that are perhaps not the best for Glen or me, long term anyway.

If you've never done an art show, then you might not know how intense this type of work is.  Neither of us is getting any younger and that doesn't mean we are afraid of hard work.  It just means that the hours that go into a creative business are unbelievable.  Art shows have become exhausting and stressful and so we really NEED to open the door to new ideas of growth and branding.

In truth, both Glen and I have to limit our stress load.  The years of loss has caused …