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The ReThrived Home ™ Style Tips

The ReThrived Home™ is the latest branch of what ReThrive Designs has to offer! I am so delighted about sharing this with you. I remember when we discussed renaming our jewelry company so we could include our other design/decor passions. The name was intentional and because thriving was something we had to learn how to do over and over, we settled on the name ReThrive! We are so proud of this name, for it was chosen long before thrive became a frequently used buzz-word. A few days ago, as I was chatting to a GoDaddy representative, he complimented our name. It’s one of a kind and stands out and yes we are on the first page of google, so that matters!

ReThrive is about the patterns or layers of growth in both our lives, homes and in our unique jewelry line. It’s about recycling or reusing and this concept came, not from popularity, but rather because this is how I’ve lived life & decorated for 30 years. The ReThrived Home™ Decor Style features Gracefully Gathered, Carefully Curated, Found Furnishings! This design style has been deeply influenced by my life as a mental health caregiver for my precious husband Glen.  In spite of the many losses we sustained, ( I have a lot to say about our kind of loss but more on that later, right) I have remained determined to have a beautiful home, complete with using gathered and found furnishings.

I am particularly in love with the farmhouse look?  Who isn't? I am kind of majorly in love with it.  I have had this passion for cast off stuff before Instagram and Pinterest were born.  I've loved old windows and doors and used old things since we got married. I'd have to scout the archives of old photos to show you all the cute things I've done...maybe another time. Anyway, my story is about this style of decor being mostly out of necessity. You can read more of my story here.

Ok, I admit it....some days I do think that it might be great to go out and buy all new stuff.  But this gathered design style really is fun and hunting for treasures is exhilarating. I get a kick out of it.  Actually it is often great therapy for me because I can step away from making jewelry, or I can step away from the stress of caregiving and forget life's deepest struggles.  For a brief moment, I have freedom to think and dream my own dreams.  But when I am out shopping, I have to remember there is a budget and I can't exceed that.  Over the years, I have learned what works for me when it comes to home decor.  I have taken into account that life does indeed dictate to us what we can and can't do, so I live without those boundaries.

Way back, when we lived in the midst of repeated loss (because of the mental health discrimination) Glen faced, I learned very quickly that if I wanted a home that looked respectable, I would have to be very creative. I dug deep into the well of my own hidden talents to discover that I could sew, recover sofas and chairs in addition to thrift store shopping to make my home pretty on a very slim budget.  This was way back before thrift store shopping was a cool and trendy thing to do!!! Yay me, I knew I was on to something!!! It was not beneath me to do some curbside shopping either.  ;<) I gathered some pretty cool pieces from the streets in our neighborhood. I made my own pillows, redid a sofa or two and created cool bed coverlets from scrap fabric samples that had been given to me.  I remember a friend telling me that my bed coverlet looked like Pottery Barn and I had never been to one, so I had no idea how much of a  compliment this really was.  Imagine that! Now that I know and have had the privilege to actually shop there, I think wow, what a nice thing to say!

I've grown more in my skills over the past few years, and I am refining and honing in on my style daily.  Of course, I don't think Instagram and Pinterest hurts any.  Right?!  I mean you could safely say I am addicted to a good way.  Not quite as much as I am to coffee though!  Ha ha! Pinterest is relaxing and Instagram is inspiring.  I do admit there are moments when it's all too much and when the ugly comparison monster rears his head, then I step away for a few days.

It's about honesty for me.  Decorating reflects the real life that I live on a day to day basis.  My home reflects who we are and what is meaningful to us.  I am not for keeping up with everyone...the people I don't even know...who cares what they think anyway.  I am about making my home this beautiful and comfortable haven that is peaceful.  This is important for Glen, because he needs space where he can find solace when depression or anxiety hits him hard.  Right now I am working on how I can design our bonus room to accommodate his need to play guitar, write and paint.  And it's about organization and beauty for me because a chaotic home does nothing for ones peace of mind.

So, my style is always evolving and changing. I think that's what I like most about it.  Because I can't always afford to buy what I want on a whim, I have to be patient and wait til it comes to me.  Take my living room console table as an example.  I have wanted and needed one of these for quite a while, but I knew I could not go out and buy a $400 one at Home Goods...even though my daughter works there and can get me a discount. So I waited and prayed and kept looking and then just a couple of weeks ago, while I was out shopping with Kaitlyn on her day off, there it was!  My heart stopped and as I rubbed my hands across the top and examined every part of it, I knew it was mine.

It's not always easy to wait and be patient, but it is very rewarding!  Because of this gathered & found style of decor, my home never looks the same.  I am always moving things around to give myself a new fresh look and that is the joy of it.  I think we need to learn the art of living with what we have and being grateful.  Take a step back and consider all that God has given you and me!  It's staggering really.  There are many around the world who would welcome the chance to swap places with us, right!

Needing a fresh look for our master bedroom, I used the tips I have always used, which I will share below, and ReThrived our bedroom.  I am so thrilled with the results because just a few simple changes made all the difference.  The key was evenly mixing the colors throughout.  I didn't buy anything new, even though I'd love to start fresh.  Instead I dug deep and thought through how I could reuse what I had. I went out to the garage where I store some pieces I'm not using and grabbed those to use in this room.  Everything here is a gathered, found collection pulled together by using my trusted tips.

I am finding that my style of decorating is very therapeutic as well.  When I feel I am craving a change, I move around the furnishings that I have to create a fresh new look.  It has worked so well for me.  Not only does it save money, but it is rewarding because of the challenge to use what I already own in a new way.  And I love challenges!  I'll have to write more about this at another time.

And in our living room, I did the same thing.  When I brought this long console table home, I had to make it work as is for now.  The color is sort of debatable but at this point it is kind of ok for me.  To offset so much wood, I added lots of white with the photo frames.  I added a rectangular doily to the old wood trunk that we use as a coffee table.  This also helped to break up the various wood colors.  Pops of greenery add life to any space.  I can't say enough about that and believe it or not, I've actually found several of my greens in thrift stores too.  In the little tray on the trunk, I have wood, white and green all blended to create this seamless cohesive look that I've been talking about.

So, let me spell it out for you in 3 simple tips that you can use:
1. ReThink how you can use what you own it in a new way. Shop from your home, attic, garage!
2. ReMix the colors within your space creating balance and blend. (don't forget to add greenery)
3. ReUse what you have and create a fresh new look.

If you are one of those who finds decorating frustrating and overwhelming, well I'm your girl!  I am working on a new design plan where I can offer my services to women anywhere. Please feel free to send me a message so we can talk about how you can have a ReThrived Home!


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