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3 Ways to Survive a Setback

I think we can all relate to facing setbacks. At least I imagine we are not the only couple or family to face them. If you’ve lived very long you know that into each life there are times when everything seems to go in reverse and you are taking two steps back for every three going forward. Though it is progress, it is wearisome.

For the person struggling with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or any other mental health illness, setbacks are much more prevalent and expected. There’s a desperate need to learn how to survive the setback and not let it destroy our hope of good things to come. 
Glen and I know setbacks first hand and unfortunately we feel we’ve faced more than our fair share. However, here we are still together and still pushing forward. With every setback, we’ve spent many hours forging plans for surviving the downturn of health, job loss or death of a dream. It takes more courage than I ever hoped to possess to keep pushing ahead, especially when every fiber of your…