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The Truth about the Dark

I wrote this blog post largely because I need to address what has happened in recent days related to suicide. I grew up in church and so my worldview is shaped by religious culture. If you can't relate to my view, I understand but I want you to read on anyway. There is always good to be gained.

Within the church world, it saddens me to know there are still large pockets of misunderstanding related to mental illness. And so, whenever I hear it, I feel I must address it. If we contrast the lives of those visited by the deep darkness we call depression, we will find the common threads not rooted in religious belief. It’s most unfortunate that Christian culture often misses the truth related to mental health. Afraid of having no answers, they become desperate to define so as to perhaps quell their own questions. But depression is no respecter of persons or religions. Throughout history we find it has visited the most righteous to the most degenerate; both knew it’s sting. Men of Go…