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A Song is Born

A couple years ago I sat down at our family dining room table and had a heart to heart with my parents. “I think it would be wise to set a goal,” I murmured. I spoke of common sense and being “smart” while chasing my dreams, and as they listened I felt mature and well-rounded. “This is good. This is what everyone talks about,” I thought. I was being sensible. By the age of thirty, if there hasn’t been significant progress, I will lay down my guitar and my pen and pursue something else. Something sensible. Good. It’s decided. 

  I walked away from that conversation feeling like I had just graduated four long, grueling college years. I was finished. I had made it through the emotions and indecision and I was holding a piece of paper that symbolized the finality of this. I felt like I had done the responsible thing. Everyone speaks so pragmatically when the topic of “dreams” is mentioned. “Of course I believe you’re talented, but what if it doesn’t happen?” 

Now, I’m not going to launch into a country song about defying the odds. Been there done that. Everyone has heard the side of the story where the dreamer retorts “yeah, but what if it DOES happen?” Old news. That’s the cliché of it all because in reality, the people who asked you that question have a fair and valid point. At least 25 year old me thought so, when I made this pact with myself and my parents. Having a backup plan is the foundation of chasing your dream. In so many aspects, that is the truth. What I have come to learn, however, is it’s a thin line between having a backup plan, and forgetting to believe in yourself for however long it may take and past that, even.

God isn’t intimidated by my 5 year or 10 year plan. Even more so, He doesn’t regard that plan. He has this in motion already, and if it be His will, it will come to pass no matter what age or place I’m at in my life. Kourtney and I were at a writers round recently and we performed a new song that was birthed out of deep, dark wilderness. From the moment the melody floated into the atmosphere of our little Nashville home and the strum of the guitar danced with the words “You, all I need is you,” we felt something shift. Dramatically.

Maybe this song is the key to it all. Maybe not. But, in a small bar off Printers Alley, there was no denying Kourtney and I felt a new wind blow.  Here's the link to our new song: It wasn’t because of anyone there, though their words were kind and moving, it was because of us. We allowed ourselves a truer and deeper sense of belief. God isn’t intimidated by my 5 year plan. For the first time, maybe ever, I believe the world will hear our music. Not because of us, or what we have to offer but because there’s a story here, and it could change the landscape we’ve been seeing every time we look out our proverbial windows. I would go as far to say we could change mindsets and traditions when it comes to the music industry. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know...that’s fantasy, that’s reaching too far. Is it though? Not long ago, a young, golden curled girl, sang “He’s the reason for the teardrops on my guitar,” and a legend was born. More than that, molds were broken. Taylor Swift took the cookie cutters and burned them and said to hell with your philosophy. I have something no one has, and you’re gonna want to pay attention. You can say what you want about that woman, but one thing she is not is a sell-out. She dreamed her dream with ferocity and zeal, she burned bright and high for it, and never put herself out because the heat was too intense for people.

Talented people go undiscovered everyday. I understand that. Kourtney and I are not the most talented humans on the planet when it comes to musical artistry. Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion; need I say more? There are people who can far out sing, and out perform us ANY day. What I’m realizing is, what’s different about us isn’t our lyrics or melodies, it’s not just one thing. It’s all of it. It’s the days we slammed the door on each other when we were angry, it’s the moments we cried with each other until we had not one drop of water left to let slip from our eyes. It is the story of our family denying stigma and fighting to thrive in the face of mental illness, it’s the love we have for God, the passion we have for people, and when all of that tangles itself so finitely into our heart-stirring melodies and soul penned lyrics that it becomes undeniable; our songs will change lives. They already have...Ours!

- Kyrsten Roseman


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