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From My View

I’m just one of thousands who loves #diy #farmhousestyle decor. Long before roadside salvage, diy style was so popular, I rescued treasures out of necessity. Right here is a great place to insert a little background to my story.

I’ll do just about anything for a treasure. Way back when...back in the early years of my marriage to Glen, we struggled a lot financially. Before I met him, Glen had just been diagnosed with bipolar disease. When he shared his story with me, it didn’t translate into a challenge. I innocently believed it was of no consequence.

As time moved along, a pattern of job loss emerged, and most often it was not his fault. In almost every situation he was stigmatized and marginalized. Most often the response was dismissal because people felt inconvenienced by his job needs.

With three young daughters, being a Momma who desperately wanted stability and a wanting to create a beautiful home that represented me, my creative juices started flowing! It became my mission to decorate the many places we called home on a shoestring budget.

Fast forward to my life today, and deeply ingrained in my soul is this passion to take the overlooked and repurpose it. Nine years ago my husband had a brilliant idea to turn his cast off guitar strings into jewelry. You can read that story here.  The decision to embrace his vision as worthy, resulted in a creative job and business. You can see our products and shop here:

Perhaps you can see where I’m going with this. My personal passion for repurposing, whether it’s decor or jewelry, comes from deep inside me. It’s part of my story. My personal therapy has often been wrapped up in doing projects that were inexpensive but beautiful. It’s been a distraction from the difficult challenges of my life as a caregiver. I’m learning how to embrace the not so

Surviving mental illness has taken mountains of grit, more grace than I thought God could give me and God’s never ending faithfulness. When people tossed us aside, when job loss happened over and over...before we landed on our feet doing the most creative job ...we found an affinity for rescuing lost forgotten pieces of furniture.

I’m not the most regarded DIY rescuer by any means, but I think my story is what matters. It was my mission to create a beautiful haven for my husband and three young daughters; to insulate them from a cruel harsh world. Home was beautiful even amid loss.

And so today, I share this view of my current living room which is filled with rescues and I’m reminded of the truth. God forgets no one! You may feel abandoned, cast aside but he never discards his children. He remembers you and me and he loves us beyond what any human could! In the darkest days of my life, when I often like being Glen’s wife was more than I could bear, I filled journals with my fears, tears and prayers.

29 years later, I can tell you that God discards no one. He never forgot about me...never overlooked Glen, though I often feared He certainly would. I learned He was greater than man’s rejections. He became my friend who heard my fears and saw every tear. He never forgot about me. The promise given to my husband, that God would restore what he lost, has indeed begun. God is restoring us. Our lives, our dreams, our passions are becoming a reality.

I feel a bit like a late bloomer. My daughters are grown and some days I feel I am just beginning. My business is still young, but grey hairs are appearing in my crown. Glen’s quickly approaching 60 and inside I’m saying, hold on, I’m just getting started!

As I look at this picture, I’m smiling inside. I feel at home here amid these well loved cast off finds. Only a few accessories are new. Everything else is a collaboration of found items that have been gathered over time until this view has emerged.

I hope you enjoyed this bit of background to who I am. I’m a 50’s something wife, momma, child of God who loves my family and I’m so honored that I can live creatively! I’m proof that dreams can still come true even for late bloomers like me!


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