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How Long Will it Last?

How long will what last, you ask?  I've often written about depression and mental health, because it's not uncommon to wonder how long a spell of depression will hang around.  It's a beast.  You can read about how depression feels in another post I wrote. (click here)  But that isn't the purpose of this post.

Instead, I'd like to address a few points of concern from customers.  Every once in a while someone has a concern.  Most of the time the feedback is so amazing that we artists forget that everyone won't always be happy.  While we do our best to please, we know that sometimes everyone won't or can't be satisfied, but we try anyway.  Thankfully the concerns are few and far between.

So, in an effort to address these issues, I thought that perhaps it's necessary to give you some of the details regarding wear-a-bility, materials, etc., in a blog post.  Let's begin with materials discussion.  Throughout the past nine years, we have learned a lot about making jewelry.  I mean, if you could see how our first guitar pick bracelets looked, you'd be impressed too. We've progressed a long way from our beginning days and the quality of our materials has come right along side.  It's our aim to use the highest grade of materials possible, but sometimes we just can't find the perfect option.  We discovered stainless steel findings and this option has increased the beauty and life expectancy of every piece.  But finding stainless steel "everything" has been impossible.  So we compromise.

Sometimes we use a silver plated finding when nothing else is available to us.  The guitar pick bracelet and the wildflower bracelets are the two designs with silver plated side spacers.  As with anything silver plated, you might need to know a few tips to help prolong the life of your piece:

#1 is to store the piece in an airtight bag with an anti-tarnish strip.  You can purchase them here.

#2 is to always clean the piece with a jewelry polishing cloth after wearing it and before placing it back in the bag. (Jewelry cleaning cloths can be purchased at Walmart or at most craft stores)

#3 - the silver plating can be sprayed with a protective finish such as a high gloss clear enamel spray. (I buy mine at Lowes or Walmart).

#4 - how long silver plating lasts is determined often by the acidity of your skin.  We have no control over that, of course! :) But doing the above things can help protect and preserve your piece of jewelry.

It's easy to understand why a customer would have unrealistic expectations without this information.  We do our best to properly list the materials used in each piece. Many of the beads are pewter, but also stainless steel, copper, and brass.  Pewter is very long lasting.  I personally have a braid with pewter end beads.  The inside of the bead shows some wear but the outside looks as good as ever.

We do our best to utilize long lasting materials.  I've spent hours researching...literally!!!  You can't believe how much time that takes.  But I usually end up finding what I need so that we can pass along the quality to you.

Here's the deal, should guitar string jewelry last you forever?  Maybe the answer to that question is best answered with a question.  Will that $40 top you purchased from Marshalls last you forever?  What happens when you spill bleach on it or it gets a little hole in it?  I've had this happen a lot.  Never once did I come back expecting that the company owed me a brand new top.  We have gone above and beyond with our customers.  I've given away free pieces, repaired pieces that the dog chewed and made every attempt to satisfy even the most particular customers.  Perhaps that is why we have so many happy friends and fans!  ReThrive Designs is a quality line of costume jewelry.  While it isn't meant to last forever, it is indeed meant to last a very long time.

I once had a customer yell at me because she wore her bracelet in the ocean!  And you can guess what happened!  Listen, I never wear my jewelry in the ocean.  Have you ever looked at the bottom of a boat???  Saltwater corrodes almost everything...including stainless steel.  Listen friends, we want you to be happy.  We want your jewelry to last forever if it can but it may not be possible because we are talking about guitar strings here.  We aren't selling you fine precious metal jewelry.  No, instead we are selling something that is fun and even beyond the fun and the beauty is the cause and the story.  That's what we want you to remember.  You are supporting a cause!!!  Raising awareness for mental health is not an easy task. However, by presenting a beautiful product, the cause becomes easier to discuss.  People don't feel threatened and they open up because of the beauty and creativity that they see.  It's just that simple.  We are selling you a piece of jewelry in exchange for the opportunity to share our passion and cause.  Happily people have responded with overwhelming positivity for 9 years now.

Forgive the rant today! It wasn't meant to sound like a rant.  We aren't trying to step on toes or be difficult.  Clarification is sometimes necessary and that was today's mission.  We are grateful to each and every person who has supported our business and cause.  There's a lot of you out there.  I get the most amazing feedback.  We read it all.  We love it and we love you and want you to know that you have our heartfelt appreciation.  Really!  Without you, we wouldn't have a business.

We are deeply indebted to Rock the Dogs and Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund for their faith and trust in us both personally and professionally.  Because of the auctions, we have gained many more friends, fans and loyal customers.  You can't put a price on this relationship.  Friends, the Rock the Dogs auction pieces are so very special.  We want them to last you for years and years, after all, this is memorabilia we are talking about!  You might want to consider not wearing those pieces as often as pieces created from our regular string inventory.  And by all means, do use the tips listed above.  Furthermore, please don't forget to visit our jewelry care page on our website.  (click here)  This page has all the tips you need to keep your pieces as bright and shiny as possible.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, we suggest a little visit to our website contact page.  Send us a message there.  We will read it and respond with all the love possible.  Seriously, we aren't mad or anything, but we felt this might be a necessary and timely post.  We love you...each and every one.  Thank you friends!!!


  1. Bless you Joyce!! Thank you for the beautiful jewelry !!


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