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Social Media

I've concluded...some days I really don't like social media.There...I said it out loud!!!It already makes me feel better just saying this.It makes my beyond frustrated.I mean, like I have cried, had anxiety attacks and been super frustrated over some things related to this social scene.I admit it.I recently tried two IG Loop Giveaways and it was horrible....and all for getting LIKES!Seriously this stuff is nuts.

I guess this whole social media scene makes me truly understand how anti-social many people really are.I've done all the things you are "supposed" to do...use the right hashtags, the right words, the right filters for pics, the honesty, the vulnerability...being real and being me.I have done everything to be honest and to reach real people but I am finding it's way too much work for the results.And so, it would seem, this world may not be good for me.I hate the sense of competition.I hate that I feel I don't compare.That for some reason, if my phot…