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Loving the Life God Gave Us

Godliness with contentment is great gain. (I Timothy 6:6)In other words, the highest, most honorable gain, in this life time, is found in the pursuit of being content with being God-like.Do that and you are a success in God's eyes.Sadly, the messages of contemporary culture, both Christian and secular, are often anything but spiritual.Being successful is defined by all the trappings that come with material pursuits, how fat your bank account is, and who calls you friend.All these things have become synonymous with success and the pursuit of them is tantamount to everything else.Popular cultures often confuses and intertwines these two, but they dare not be joined.The challenge is to live in today's culture without being sucked into this mindset.This has been doubly challenging for Glen and me.It's much easier said than done with mental illness on board and here's why.
Society values performance and perfection over principle, and charisma over character.I know why!Happy …

The Unwelcomed Visitor

He came without an invitation.He had been lurking in the shadows for days.I'd get a glimpse of his face now and then, and wonder why he was hanging around.Often he would retreated to the shadows, I'd breathe a momentary sigh of relief, still wondering when he would make his presence fully known. Today, he finally came and entered without hesitation or warning.I had tried to bolt the door shut, but he managed to push past me.His dreary presence was uncomfortable, his disposition gloomy.He sidled next to me and whispered his intent.My soul shuddered!Not again, "I whispered!"It made no difference.He was here and I had to abide his stay no matter how long the visit.

It wasn't a choice I made that beckoned him to come.I had not invited him, nor was I desirous of his visitation.He just came like he always does.He sneaks up on us, often finally making an entrance when least expected.I pondered why and contemplated his persistence.He is relentless.How long would he stay th…