Nothing Surprises God

Nothing which touches my life is a surprise to God!  God does not get blindsided.

God never becomes overwhelmed!  Yet he empathizes with those who do. He doesn't judge or add pressure- He is simply God - always available.

God never becomes depressed, yet he holds the hand of the soul who clings to hope like grains of sand slipping through their fingers.

God never becomes psychotic or hears voices, yet He's waiting as the creator spirit hovers over those troubled souls.   The compassionate Savior receives the returning one from the gray fog of a mental trance. 

God never becomes anxious, yet He is there pacing back and forth as sweaty hands wring themselves together.....silently pleading for an end to this frenetic feeling.

God never is dyslexic, yet He understands the embarrassment which accompanies confusing moments and dis-organization.

God never becomes Suicidal, yet He sheds unmeasured hot tears for those who grapple with P.T.S.D.

God never becomes calloused or indifferent towards persons diagnosed with mental illnesses.  God will never stigmatize,  judge or discriminate against any of the people who struggle with these conditions.

God never fails, and He never breaks His promises.  He will never take advantage of you.  God is always loyal and never disenfranchises anyone.  God is only capable of loving, protecting and caring for us.

Most Importantly of All:

God "ALWAYS" has time to listen and He will never leave you or forsake you!!!     

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