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Kayaking and the Mental Health Survivor

Thoughts of life are careening around inside my head like calving ice bergs with one piece breaking off and plummeting into the already floating mass.The laborious task of moving with the ebb and flow of life's current is wearisome.In the agonizing seasons, the will to survive grudgingly gives passage to thriving as more energy is invested to maintain that middle ground in order to not fall into depression.This hand to hand combat, within the mind, is as exhausting as flailing against a #10 whitewater with its roiling river current of foamy white power.The most experienced kayaker may lose thebattle with this watery jaw of death.You can picture the desperate scenario of the kayaker lying onthe river stones, chest and lungs heaving as the next breath is sucked in.In a moment like this, it is doubtful the kayaker is thinking about the next river challenge.No, rather a resolve to complete this challenge..... gather emotions and harness physical energy to move forward.In so many ways…