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Silence Kills!

The Easy Response

We could debate forever about how to respond to persons with mental illness.  Honestly, the excuse that "people fear what they don't understand" is a paper thin excuse.  It is no longer valid.  Yet, here I am writing about the injustice shown toward those with mental illness...better or more appropriately understood as a brain chemistry illness. Oh how weary it gets...saying the same things over and over, only to be met with the same response or perhaps no response. 
In a recent facebook post, I stated how grievous this lonely road is.  I dared to pour my heart out looking for a kind word and sadly, I was met with less than a thimble full of comments.  One person said they were sorry.  And a second said "how sad for you...people fear what they don't understand."  And I got angry!  Yes, I am sick and tired of ignorance.  Really, you don't understand mental illness?!  Well, join the club.  Neither do I (like I need to, wish to or should) …

Re-purposing Vintage Hifi cabinets

These are three vintage stereo cabinet makeovers that my husband and I have repurposed.  They make great storage units, not to mention they are colorful and beautiful.  The coral one is my absolute favorite.  The addition of the waverly fabric is a perfect finishing touch.  

Below left: this cabinet had a complete front face which we removed and then added the three spindles back into the middle for support.  I have since moved this to my studio for stowing away my jewelry cases after each show.  The smaller turquoise cabinet houses files and extra printer paper.