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DIY Glass Fishing Floats

DIY  Fishing Floats

These were super fun to create, but a little messy, I must confess.  I had some left over glass Christmas ornaments and I knew these were the perfect size and shape for this project.  I used Vitrail turquoise glass paint thinned with a little bit of acetone.  I removed the hooks, poured a small amount of acetone in a bulb, then poured in a small amount of the glass paint.  Swirl it around to completely coat the bulb.  I placed a napkin over the end and shook to make sure I had full coverage on the inside.  Then flip upside down to drain the excess and let dry over night.

Making the rope netting covers was no small task.  After a few pinterest searches, I found the best tutorials and gave it a shot.  I love the end result.  These make my heart sing!!!!