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Organization Stations

My hubby's Grandfather used to say "A place for everything and everything in it's place!"  Create a smart place for something and you will always know where it is when you need it.
So, I've been using this in my life.  I've created a desk station, a make up station, a coffee station and one...well, it's for looks!  But I think I'm entitled to create a station I just admire, right?!  Here's some pics.  I hope you enjoy them.

Coffee Station - Roadside Rescue Dresser with white chalk paint, baskets, an old burlap coffee bean sack, and a metal tray to hold my coffee and espresso maker

My Mental Illness Survival Kit

(My survival kit for enduring a manic/depressive episode)

I enjoy war movies, stories of rescues or survival documentaries.  At the point of concern, whether it be a prisoner of war taken captive, a lost hiker or a coordinated yet unpredictable survival trip, a plan is crucial.  The preservation and sustainability of life is the focus for persons found in these circumstances...and so much more for the person diagnosed with a serious mental illness, such as bipolar disorder.  The land mine or craggy cliff we must navigate to survive, is what doctors describe as cycling or rapid cycling through a manic or depressive episode.  I am sure it is common for persons encountering a lost situation to not know how lost they are. This does not preclude the reality for the need to access their survival kit. 
For the person entering the heinous world of a mood episode, the severity may not be as easy to ascertain.  The confusing gauges, like a compass not calibrated for true north, don't always d…