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September means fall is just around the corner. For the first time today, I stepped outside and the southern coastal air of Savannah was bright, crisp and cool.  It was so refreshing.  

I love fall!  It's always an invigorating change the makes me want to roast vegetables, bake bread and eat all those great comfort foods we love.  

I've been decorating only just a little, and I wanted to share this little vignette that I created.  The topiary got a fresh start this year.  Last year he was traditional orange colors, but I am going for more muted neutral tones now and so, I grabbed a paint brush.  I painted the top pumpkin off white colors, and the bottom mocha. When he was completely dry, I sprayed him with a clear matte spray to protect the finish.  I added burlap leaves and a new vine with neutral berries.  Oh and I painted the clay pot he sits on, too.  I'm super happy with this project.  Now you know you can paint those plastic pumpkins in case you can't find one in t…

The Occasional Act of Kindness

Mental illness (brain chemistry illness) has continuous cycles of ups and downs.  That is the essential nature of bipolar.  Therefore, the families of our loved ones will also experience ups and downs.  It's inevitable, inconvenient but a fact that most onlookers do not care to understand. 
Adequate management of MI takes mental and emotional energy.  For those who have experienced this, you will soon realize those two management tools often give way to physical weariness, as well. 
When normal daily duties cannot be attended to because of the side effects and symptoms of MI, the responsibilities of life fall to their loved ones and family members.  There were times in our earlier years of marriage, especially when our daughters were younger, that I operated much like a single parent.  The effects of MI disrupt daily life and often my husband needed rest, naps and time away to defrag his mind.  I always made room for this because I knew his needs must be attended to in order for u…

The Journey: Stones, Rivers and their Etchings

The journey, much like the river's current that polishes and etches grooves in a stone, carves into our souls deep hurts and wounds.  However, over time, the polishing can transform a simple stone into a jewel.  But that's the catch, with time......seconds added to minutes turn into hours, stretched into days; become years.   This expanse of time, like bookends, collects its trials and troubles in the middle; which are carried along like a train on a track, no, maybe more like dragging them as a beast of burden on our after day, trudging through the desert of life, tattered garments, cracked feet, parched and sun scorched lips.  Not just tired, rather exhausted, exhaling and inhaling as if it was the last function of our lungs or diaphragm. 
Brain Chemistry Diseases (mental illness) never let you up off the mat of life.  Persons with these diagnoses, can and do experience good days, quite often in a different way than those who have never been diagnosed.  However…