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What Christians need to know about Mental Illness

Dear Friends,
I ask you one poignant question: "what is the value of one life?" Any life?  And not the just lives of those who look powerful or who make you feel better but the lives of those we don't understand; a life of a mental health consumer. As Christians, why do pass by on the other side of the road?
Mental illness is a wide encompassing set of diseases in the chemistry of the brain.  Period!  It's not anything more or less than that.  I will no longer argue this point with another soul.  If you want to live your life with your head in the sand, that's your choice.  But know this, you will soon be unable to breathe.
It's dark and hideous.  It's no respecter of persons.  It comes to many.  Thank God it hasn't been you.  Be grateful your life is spared this agony.   But never underestimate the reality of brain illnesses.  As surely as people get cancer and as certainly as you would never think to blame them, then stop the insidious judgment of the …

Our Thoughts after Robin Williams Suicide

I was wondering if I could possibly put all my scrambling thoughts into sequence enough to make sense for any reader.  How does one put tragedy into context?  Every day people commit suicide and we don't mourn.  A celebrity dies and the world watches and weeps.  In context, this is our opportunity to weep and mourn and then to learn and grow as a society. 
Of course, you might have figured out I am referring to the suicide of comedian/actor Robin Williams.  The sad reality is that Mr. Williams suffered from deep depression and from the facts I have gathered, his struggle lasted for many years.  I am not a fan of suicide, but I must stress that I have deep compassion for those who take their life in this manner.  How great the darkness can be.  I think it might be easy for some looking on, to misunderstand how anyone could end their own life.  I confess I have struggled with this thought.  But I have faced depression of my own in recent years, and I now understand how darkness feel…