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Grief - It's What's For Dinner

Some years back, Winn Dixie grocery stores uses the following ad:  "Beef, it's what's for dinner."

As I have spent the past year and a half grieving the vast number of losses, I recalled that grief has become my dinner.  In fact, it has sometimes been my daily food.  Grief forces you to do that.  It sidles up next to us and we carry her like a cloak everywhere we go.  Every event of our day is experienced through the lens of grief.  And it's uncomfortable, boring, tasteless and unappetizing.

But the truth about grief is you can't always shove it away.  Denial prolongs the pain.  She'll come back with a vengeance.  Entertain grief as long as necessary.  Think of her as an unwanted house keeper.  She is present to help you dust the cobwebs from your soul.  Her mission is cleaning out the clutter that has long weighed you down.  She is ruthless at times, forcing you to release memorabilia that has held you captive to deep soul pain.  But she must do her work.…