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Mental Health and the Church - Part One

Joyce's Response:
The Mental Health and the Church Conference hosted by Pastor Rick Warren sounded like a great idea.  In fact, I know it's a great idea because for 20 years, Glen and I have had a deep passion to teach evangelicals how to respond to persons living with mental illness.  Our words have fell on deaf ears.  Twenty years ago people could barely get the words "mental illness" out of their mouths without gasping and choking.  I am pleased to say people are getting more comfortable every day with those words. 
But this conference was supposed to lead to the culmination of standing together in suffering. As I finished listening to Rick Warren's closing comments, I was both stunned and angered at the neglect to convey true sympathy.  Very little of this message was communicated.  This was Rick's opportunity to draw the net and gather the people of God together who are suffering.  It was his chance to convey the deepest care, compassion and comfort.  Ins…