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Bipolar Marriage - Making it for the long haul

BP magazine online article states that 90% of all marriages, where one person has mental illness, results in divorce.  I wasn't actually surprised by this, but I was somewhat stunned in a new way.  I know personally how hard it has been to stay together.  The challenges are staggering and no one can know this who has not walked this road. 
That statistic doesn't really give me much hope.  For me, hope comes from a much higher power.  It has to be God and God alone who can carry us and help us survive or thrive in spite of the odds stacked against us.  Who else can help us like he can?
Almost everyone I know has failed me at one time or another.  I've lost family and friends because of the terrible disease known as mental illness.  The losses have been staggering.  I've had to find a way to survive that didn't involve people...and I found that God would carry me.  When all else failed; when people hit the road and left us abandoned, I found God never left me alone.