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25 Years - Marriage, Music, Mental Illness & Miracles

I am not sharing because I have some gooey love story to tell, though we certainly have had our share of lovely moments.  No, instead, I am sharing to pass on the movement of God in our lives.  I mention the words Mental Illness and I know I will lose some of you at the mere writing of the words.  Some others I'll lose at the mention of Christian or church.  Some won't read because they think they have heard it all or "Oh, no not again"...well anyway, I hope you will read this.  I was careful to not be melodramatic, though I certainly could paint the story more dramatic because in many cases it was much more than I wrote.  But this isn't an autobiography.  It's a little vignette honoring our 25 year anniversary.  It just might shed light on a very important need...Mental Health Advocacy...oops there I go again. 
1988 - April we meet.  It's love at first conversation!  I knew he was the one.  Dreams are shared. We seem to think alike.  Glen shares his recen…

Social Justice in a Christian Culture

Christian - to be a Christ follower.  That's the definition in purest form.  The problem with Christianity today and for centuries is so often we do not take to heart that our mission is to behave as a "little Christ".  We are representatives, ambassadors of peace and good will, or so we say we are.  The Jesus which was prophesied to come, indeed came as a babe in a manger.  History records this event and the whole world has recognized that Christ came. But for those that he came, so many did not and still do not receive Him.  I mean, HIM and all he really represents.  We squeeze the idea of Jesus into our tiny little minds.  We make him fit our personal agenda.  We make him fit comfortably into the traditions we have long held that may have no ties to him or his teachings.  He is a Jesus of comfortability.  But Holy scriptures portray a vastly different Jesus.  One who spoke with authority, who rebuked the wind, who performed miracles, turned water into wine, healed tho…