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How Evangelicals Treat Mental Illness Survivors

It occurs to me, that people are quite logical regarding getting medical treatment for any disease...that is, until they hear someone has a mental illness.  Suddenly all reason flies out the window.  Reason is replaced with immediate judgment from 50% or more members of any religious community.  Mental illnesses are treated as though they are spiritual in origin. 
Let's try this reasoning on and see how it feels, shall we?  Try telling the person who is having chest pains to merely get on their knees pray and/or read psalms to calm their heart.  Or, let's tell the person who broke their leg to just ignore it and take every thought (that you have a broken leg) captive and make it obey you.  Tell the cancer patient to forget going for a biopsy.  Tell them that prayer is their only means of treatment and see what happens.  Sad reality is, we'd never think of treating people who suffer from such ailments to take such irrational measures.  Yet almost every individual who suffer…