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When will they embrace mental illness as real as cancer?

The tears run down my face.  I quietly absorb the deepest pain a life can know your purpose, your story, your journey is undermined, unreceived, unheard...this pain scorches the soul. 
Will people ever get it?  Will the heart of the church ever be open to love, embrace and comfort those who suffer from the pain of mental illness?  When will they see what we see?  When will they feel our pain?  When will they embrace our pain as real as cancer? 
Over and over these words fall from my lips.  My life as an advocate is on purpose.  I chose to walk this road with my husband 24 years ago.  I stayed when it got tough.  I chose to love past what I though I had capacity for.  I have learned compassion.  I understand grace and mercy. 
Just yesterday I stepped in to ask someone to show my husband mercy and grace.  Had he been standing there with a barren head or a cane in the hand, perhaps the grace would have fallen freely.  But it did not. 
The world is not a friendly place at time…