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Love Hopes All Things

Love…… Hopes All Things                                                         
This invitation comes to us from the most profound book of literature ever written.  It must hold truths to be considered, as it is the most purchased book of all time.  Corinthians is the specific book in the Bible which calls us to Love.  Only a cold and calloused individual would not recognize the fact, “a world void of Love is an un-lovely place to live, moreover unsafe.  Love is not necessary to exist, no however, it is vital in order to thrive.  It is quite common to see the words love and hope inscribed on a plaque or engraved in jewelry, sometimes together and other times separate.  I think I know why people place those like frontals on the helmet of a Roman soldier. They speak of life giving qualities.  We all are aware of particular elements which sustain life…such as food, clothing, shelter and money.  I dare say there is no greater sustaining force in the universe than that of Love and the look…