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25 Years - Marriage, Music, Mental Illness & Miracles

I am not sharing because I have some gooey love story to tell, though we certainly have had our share of lovely moments.  No, instead, I am sharing to pass on the movement of God in our lives.  I mention the words Mental Illness and I know I will lose some of you at the mere writing of the words.  Some others I'll lose at the mention of Christian or church.  Some won't read because they think they have heard it all or "Oh, no not again"...well anyway, I hope you will read this.  I was careful to not be melodramatic, though I certainly could paint the story more dramatic because in many cases it was much more than I wrote.  But this isn't an autobiography.  It's a little vignette honoring our 25 year anniversary.  It just might shed light on a very important need...Mental Health Advocacy...oops there I go again. 
1988 - April we meet.  It's love at first conversation!  I knew he was the one.  Dreams are shared. We seem to think alike.  Glen shares his recen…

Social Justice in a Christian Culture

Christian - to be a Christ follower.  That's the definition in purest form.  The problem with Christianity today and for centuries is so often we do not take to heart that our mission is to behave as a "little Christ".  We are representatives, ambassadors of peace and good will, or so we say we are.  The Jesus which was prophesied to come, indeed came as a babe in a manger.  History records this event and the whole world has recognized that Christ came. But for those that he came, so many did not and still do not receive Him.  I mean, HIM and all he really represents.  We squeeze the idea of Jesus into our tiny little minds.  We make him fit our personal agenda.  We make him fit comfortably into the traditions we have long held that may have no ties to him or his teachings.  He is a Jesus of comfortability.  But Holy scriptures portray a vastly different Jesus.  One who spoke with authority, who rebuked the wind, who performed miracles, turned water into wine, healed tho…

How Evangelicals Treat Mental Illness Survivors

It occurs to me, that people are quite logical regarding getting medical treatment for any disease...that is, until they hear someone has a mental illness.  Suddenly all reason flies out the window.  Reason is replaced with immediate judgment from 50% or more members of any religious community.  Mental illnesses are treated as though they are spiritual in origin. 
Let's try this reasoning on and see how it feels, shall we?  Try telling the person who is having chest pains to merely get on their knees pray and/or read psalms to calm their heart.  Or, let's tell the person who broke their leg to just ignore it and take every thought (that you have a broken leg) captive and make it obey you.  Tell the cancer patient to forget going for a biopsy.  Tell them that prayer is their only means of treatment and see what happens.  Sad reality is, we'd never think of treating people who suffer from such ailments to take such irrational measures.  Yet almost every individual who suffer…

The Wounded Warrior

by: Joyce Roseman
Almost 25 years ago, when I said, "I Do" to Glen, I also said "I do" to his mental illness.  I signed up for battle and had no idea I had even enlisted.  That didn't change the fact that I was going to have to engage in an all out war against a hideous and fierce disease.  I was completely unprepared for this assignment.  How could I have known the battles we would wage?  How could I have understood the sorrow, loss and deep soul pain that would accompany us on this long journey?  There was no way!  No one could have helped me see, for no one I knew had ever walked this kind of journey.  I WAS LOST!
I laugh out loud right now...I'm still lost at times! Mental illness is so vast, invasive, complicated and varied.  Seems the time I figure out one component, that another difficulty arises and I'm once again at a loss all over again.  Finding wisdom and answers is as different as each person who suffers.  What works for one, may not work for…

When will they embrace mental illness as real as cancer?

The tears run down my face.  I quietly absorb the deepest pain a life can know your purpose, your story, your journey is undermined, unreceived, unheard...this pain scorches the soul. 
Will people ever get it?  Will the heart of the church ever be open to love, embrace and comfort those who suffer from the pain of mental illness?  When will they see what we see?  When will they feel our pain?  When will they embrace our pain as real as cancer? 
Over and over these words fall from my lips.  My life as an advocate is on purpose.  I chose to walk this road with my husband 24 years ago.  I stayed when it got tough.  I chose to love past what I though I had capacity for.  I have learned compassion.  I understand grace and mercy. 
Just yesterday I stepped in to ask someone to show my husband mercy and grace.  Had he been standing there with a barren head or a cane in the hand, perhaps the grace would have fallen freely.  But it did not. 
The world is not a friendly place at time…

Love Hopes All Things

Love…… Hopes All Things                                                         
This invitation comes to us from the most profound book of literature ever written.  It must hold truths to be considered, as it is the most purchased book of all time.  Corinthians is the specific book in the Bible which calls us to Love.  Only a cold and calloused individual would not recognize the fact, “a world void of Love is an un-lovely place to live, moreover unsafe.  Love is not necessary to exist, no however, it is vital in order to thrive.  It is quite common to see the words love and hope inscribed on a plaque or engraved in jewelry, sometimes together and other times separate.  I think I know why people place those like frontals on the helmet of a Roman soldier. They speak of life giving qualities.  We all are aware of particular elements which sustain life…such as food, clothing, shelter and money.  I dare say there is no greater sustaining force in the universe than that of Love and the look…