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Against All Hope

So what is the point of it all…keeping your purpose and focus when life is more than difficult?  How do you cope when life continues to throw at you all that is sour, bitter, disappointing, and painfully excruciating?  And how do you cope when you feel this has been your lot in life…to face the wall of financial adversity over and over again?  The Bible says we all have a cross to bear.  I believe it is true and for our family the cross has been repeated times of financial strain.  I wish it were not so but this is the truth.
I ask these questions rhetorically, not really looking for anyone to answer, because I believe most people are unqualified to answer these hard questions.  Those with a charmed life cannot address adversity with any measure of authenticity.  There are many people who believe they possess great faith and trust but in truth, they buy their way out of financial stress or strain.  They are fortunate enough to have great jobs, savings accounts, rainy day funds or they …