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The Journey Continues

I am writing from the bank of the Ogeechee River Canal.  The arching trees form a shadowy canopy shrouding the river in glorious stillness.  Savannah, Georgia holds such storied history, art and architecture; another treasure which contributes to the mosaic of this great nation.

This blog finds us at our current location.  I want to bring all my readers up to speed by beginning with our arrival in the Sunshine Stateon November of 2010. 

The first leg of our unscripted journey landed us in the state of Florida.  Familiarity is healthy when considering such an undertaking as this.  Concerts of Hope was offered a place to stay by the Thomas family in DeLand, Florida.  Since we began our journey without a truck, an acquaintance towed our 5th wheel to their beautiful 10 acre farm.  The kindness of the Thomas family can never be fully measured as they made us feel so at home.  This word home is so meaningful when you’ve given up your brick and mortar home to live and travel in a fifth wheel RV.  Those beginning days found us learning so much.  For instance, when temperatures drop into the 30’s, a frozen "poop" sickle can be the result.  Disconnecting water hoses in order to avoid ice freezing inside, is another task.  And it was in the DeLand/Daytona area where Kyrsten our oldest daughter and I rose each Wednesday at 3:00am to wait in line at the flea market so she could sing and I could sell Strung Up Jewelry.

The selling of the jewelry began to determine where we would locate. The seasons of ones life journey always includes time and timing.  We believed it was time to move to Hobe Sound, Florida and park as part of another offer to Concerts of Hope Inc.  Other friends towed us to our second destination.  It was during this season that we drove to Jacksonvilleto attend the Riverside Arts Market located directly under I-95.  The people were friendly and the sales were brisk.  It did not come without sacrifice.  The trip was over 250 miles one way and we returned to our temporary home following each event.  This proved to be grueling which constituted the urgent need for another move.  The pattern was getting clearer as it was paramount to be in the closest proximity to the selling venues.

In June 2011 we finallypurchased an F 250.  Now we could relocate at will.  Our third move to St. Augustine provided us the opportunity to live 35 miles south of Jacksonville, where we spent several months vending.  This also gave us access to mid week vending opportunities in the city.  I recall handing out business cards until 9:00pm on a cobblestone laden side street, beckoning like the stately lighthouses on the coast for passersby to visit our jewelry display.  We were blessed again and again, with places to vend as a result of our scouting and customer recommendations. 

While a journey of this nature could be mis-construed as a perpetual vacation, the duties which keep us solvent are every day tasks.  We currently oversee and manage web sites for Concerts of Hope Inc and Strung Up  Joyce is the web designer, manager and administrator for both businesses.  Each family member assists with the design and/or manufacturing of the jewelry line.  I am the director of wholesale marketing, innovation and new product development.  As President of Concerts of Hope Inc, I preside over all operations pertaining to a non-profit organization.  Included in this, is the constant availability as a consumer managing recovery.  The beauty of telling our story to thousands of people looking at Strung Up Jewelry, is the constant reminder of the responsibility which seized our souls in Nashville, TNand beckoned us to this call. 

Our travels took us back to South Florida for our second winter.  With the beginning of 2012 we participated in two local art shows.  It was at one of these, we met a customer who recommended a retail opportunity to us.  I contacted the owners and Strung Up is in negotiations to place our jewelry line in a prime area of the country.  There will be more details in future blogs.  This is just one example of the value people bring encountered some wonderful human beings on this journey.

As of April 2012 we relocated to the marsh-like terrain of Savannah, Georgia where we have enjoyed its art and architecture.  Joyce registered us for the 1st Saturday Art Festival on River Street which runs along the second largest sea port in the U.S.  The event was splendid with massive cargo ships carving away water as tug boats of all colors escorted them through the channel. The D.J. kept ambitious dancers of all genres busy dancing in the street.  I would estimate the crowd at more than 100,000.   Oh yes, when we weren’t snapping pictures, we were selling jewelry to eager customers longing to see this amazing creation on their wrists or necks. 

On this particular day, the river was regurgitating its weedy, loggy and branchy refuse.  One such site caught my attention as a tire canopied in strawlike weeds floated by.  Toward the end of the day, flotsam was gathering and I noted the beauty of this organized mess of water logged trees, brush and straw with gulls hovering over.  I was taken for a moment by the site….. beauty in an organized mess?  I immediately related.  My life has always been meaningful and like the steady current underneath even if it has had some junk on top….and now this journey can seem a bit un-scripted with no certain plan but like the current; steady and moving to a destination carrying its own blemishes and refuse but nonetheless moving…..

The Roseman’s plan is to be in Seattle, Washington for the 2012 N.A.M.I National Convention on June 27-June 30.  My story was featured in the N.A.M.I. Faithnet Newsletter for the Month of March.  Here is the link to that story-  We are currently parked in Savannah Oaks RV. Resort in Savannah, Georgia.  We plan to be here a month as we begin serious preparation for the trip West.  Our journey will tentatively take us to Nashville, TN, St, Louis, Kansas and then out to Washington State.  We don’t expect it to be a perfect trip.  Is any journey perfect?  We are anticipating broader horizons as we gain knowledge and insight with those who deal with mental illness or brain chemistry diseases by attending the convention.  This is solely what is calling us to the west. 

I will be blogging the entire trip.  If you would like to support us on this journey, please use the Donate Button link on the Home Page.   We are currently giving a FREE piece of Strung Up Jewelry for any donation of $100.00 or more. 

Until next time, may your journey be blessed by the thrill of dreams fulfilled.

Glen D. Roseman II                  



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