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Relaxing in Savannah, GA

Unscripted Plans...some people look at us as though we are on an eternal vacation.  Nothing about this RV lifestyle could be further from the truth.  While we are open to changes, fluctuations, relaxing when the opportunity arises, we work hard at planning.  We are not just sitting here in our RV vacationing.

We are constantly working, making jewelry, planning our next stops, keeping websites current and sharing our news with the world.  And as things do, plans end up changing.  So, our current direction seems to be leading us northward and not west.  It just seems way too big of an adventure for right now.

Living organically does require that we sit back and relax at times, which is really difficult to do for many of us.  But while sitting here in beautiful Savannah, it seems that some days are requiring that we enjoy bird watching, collecting photos, listening to their lovely songs and taking note of how nature can teach us so much about life. Relax, enjoy, sit back, take it in...ahh.  I am talking to myself here.  I am a bit of a driven person so it seems my time here has allowed for me to have some relaxation and so I am practicing enjoying the beautiful creation in which I am surrounded.  


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