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The Silence

The Silence
Written by Glen Roseman

I get tired and worn out
from the stress others maintain
the weariness sets in, and it's more
than my mind can contain.
My job begins to suffer
and relationships are frayed,
so we all take a hit as the job fades more time
this seems all to familiar a line.
That's not how it all ends
and it seems it never will.
Yet the answer may not be
another prescribed pill.
Now the eyes and tongue set in motion
let me know I have caused a commotion.
Not too many, if any at all,
will be bold enough to stand tall.
To ask questions or lend a hand, that's all.
I don't want to slink back
But  not much is said
as my family hangs their heads
and the silence begins all over again.

Won't someone stop the silence
by lending a caring ear
and listen without judgement,
But with a heart that says, "I'm here"!
You see, we are the ones
So many think are weird
as the normal look on
not willing to shed a tear.

But the silence can be broken
and the suffering stemmed,