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Food Stamp Christianity

I often feel that people like to squeeze you into their mold.  And often I have felt the repercussions of me not letting that happen.  One can feel isolated, lonely and certainly forgotten but all for the best.  There are forms of non-conformity that are good for us.  Standing against the norm, refusing to be sucked into conformity helps shape society and culture.  Of course this can be abused but that’s not what I am talking about.
I have had a rare look into the world of those who are often isolated, lonely and forgotten.  These folks are often the brunt of jokes and other forms of verbal bashing.  Sadly, this has happened most often at the hands of people who call themselves Christians.  It has sickened me to my core and it has also caused me to take a step back and examine the core of American Church Culture.  What I have found is a large group of very misguided folk.  People with perhaps good intentions…I have questions about that.  But for the benefit of the doubt, people who jus…