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Against All Hope

So what is the point of it all…keeping your purpose and focus when life is more than difficult?  How do you cope when life continues to throw at you all that is sour, bitter, disappointing, and painfully excruciating?  And how do you cope when you feel this has been your lot in life…to face the wall of financial adversity over and over again?  The Bible says we all have a cross to bear.  I believe it is true and for our family the cross has been repeated times of financial strain.  I wish it were not so but this is the truth.
I ask these questions rhetorically, not really looking for anyone to answer, because I believe most people are unqualified to answer these hard questions.  Those with a charmed life cannot address adversity with any measure of authenticity.  There are many people who believe they possess great faith and trust but in truth, they buy their way out of financial stress or strain.  They are fortunate enough to have great jobs, savings accounts, rainy day funds or they …

Living today like it is your last

I think you will agree with me that life is fragile.  We all have heard of those scenarios where a loved one or friend receives the news of a sinister disease showing up unannounced and the doctor’s candid pronouncement.
 I remember one such real life scenario wrapped in an unforgettable day when my father received word that his body carried the incurable disease of Multiple Sclerosis.  His routine of playing basketball, softball and participating in hunting and fishing activities came to a screeching halt.  My father loved life and those who really were his life, his family.  The disease which altered his ability to climb mountains, throw a wicked fast pitch softball and shoot a floating jump shot has taken this courageous person from me.  However, it has not stolen the lessons learned from such a traumatic event. 
I wonder if he was here what he might share with me about living life.  Don’t misunderstand me, his zest for life was in no way squelched but I still must believe the conve…

Relaxing in Savannah, GA

Unscripted Plans...some people look at us as though we are on an eternal vacation.  Nothing about this RV lifestyle could be further from the truth.  While we are open to changes, fluctuations, relaxing when the opportunity arises, we work hard at planning.  We are not just sitting here in our RV vacationing.

We are constantly working, making jewelry, planning our next stops, keeping websites current and sharing our news with the world.  And as things do, plans end up changing.  So, our current direction seems to be leading us northward and not west.  It just seems way too big of an adventure for right now.

Living organically does require that we sit back and relax at times, which is really difficult to do for many of us.  But while sitting here in beautiful Savannah, it seems that some days are requiring that we enjoy bird watching, collecting photos, listening to their lovely songs and taking note of how nature can teach us so much about life. Relax, enjoy, sit back, take it in...ah…

The Journey Continues

I am writing from the bank of the OgeecheeRiverCanal.  The arching trees form a shadowy canopy shrouding the river in glorious stillness.  Savannah, Georgia holds such storied history, art and architecture; another treasure which contributes to the mosaic of this great nation.
This blog finds us at our current location.  I want to bring all my readers up to speed by beginning with our arrival in the SunshineStateon November of 2010. 
The first leg of our unscripted journey landed us in the state of Florida.  Familiarity is healthy when considering such an undertaking as this.  Concerts of Hope was offered a place to stay by the Thomas family in DeLand, Florida.  Since we began our journey without a truck, an acquaintance towed our 5th wheel to their beautiful 10 acre farm.  The kindness of the Thomas family can never be fully measured as they made us feel so at home.  This word home is so meaningful when you’ve given up your brick and mortar home to live and travel in a fifth wheel RV…

The Silence

The Silence
Written by Glen Roseman

I get tired and worn out
from the stress others maintain
the weariness sets in, and it's more
than my mind can contain.
My job begins to suffer
and relationships are frayed,
so we all take a hit as the job fades more time
this seems all to familiar a line.
That's not how it all ends
and it seems it never will.
Yet the answer may not be
another prescribed pill.
Now the eyes and tongue set in motion
let me know I have caused a commotion.
Not too many, if any at all,
will be bold enough to stand tall.
To ask questions or lend a hand, that's all.
I don't want to slink back
But  not much is said
as my family hangs their heads
and the silence begins all over again.

Won't someone stop the silence
by lending a caring ear
and listen without judgement,
But with a heart that says, "I'm here"!
You see, we are the ones
So many think are weird
as the normal look on
not willing to shed a tear.

But the silence can be broken
and the suffering stemmed,

Food Stamp Christianity

I often feel that people like to squeeze you into their mold.  And often I have felt the repercussions of me not letting that happen.  One can feel isolated, lonely and certainly forgotten but all for the best.  There are forms of non-conformity that are good for us.  Standing against the norm, refusing to be sucked into conformity helps shape society and culture.  Of course this can be abused but that’s not what I am talking about.
I have had a rare look into the world of those who are often isolated, lonely and forgotten.  These folks are often the brunt of jokes and other forms of verbal bashing.  Sadly, this has happened most often at the hands of people who call themselves Christians.  It has sickened me to my core and it has also caused me to take a step back and examine the core of American Church Culture.  What I have found is a large group of very misguided folk.  People with perhaps good intentions…I have questions about that.  But for the benefit of the doubt, people who jus…