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The Fearless Mindset

Today is Bipolar Awareness Day in our Nation.  It is quite appropriate to write this blog on such an eventful day.  I hit one of those walls yesterday, which in the end often teaches us more about ourselves and others.  It was one of those “Negative” walls…not my true reality but the perceived reality of others for me. 

People who constantly squeeze you into their mold are doing so for you to conform to their reality.  Perhaps this is where “Fear” has its roots.  People are afraid of the inherent power found in a “Fearless” person.  This quality makes one dangerous as related to fire; you get close and you might get burned.  There is always a proximity challenge when it pertains to the “Fearless”.  Those least willing to get close to the “Fearless” is the religious community. 

The greatest community with the potential to bring a “Faith Filled” influence is the very one who is living furthest from “Faith”.   The reason for this is the ever present lure of “Safe Zones”.  It’s so much ea…