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Marketplace Meanderings

Taking a look at our web site, as I do randomly to keep a feel for the progress and direction of Concerts of Hope, I am reminded of the faith and power of this journey.  The picture of the RV freshly purchased through the labor of our hands, sitting longingly in the drive way of the home that we were sacrificing, is so riveting.  Sure the vision was cast and a plan formulated but...there were days of severe faith testing and wondering if the money would add up to the banks requirement.  I worked day and night to secure the loan and the bank came through after several proposals were submitted.  Wow! Those were stressful days yet rewarding ones, as we never lost sight of the goal. 
Part of our plan was to sell the nice van we owned and move this into a truck loan.  We did sell the van, in fact the check was in hand and the vehicle passed the emissions test.  For some reason beyond explanation, the buyer returned the van (which is in good condition, yet still ten years old) and requested…