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Hope & Healing

There is a lot of controversy over the subject of healing as it relates to mental illness. Many well meaning or legalistic Christians believe God should heal every infirmity in our lives. Many people also link mental illness to demonic activity. Nothing could be further from the truth. I would encourage you to read Dr. Paul Meiers book Blue Genes to learn more about this truth.
Let's be clear on this. Do we tell all our friends who are stricken with heart disease or cancer that they need to be delivered from oppression? Do we discourage them from facing their journey though pain by saying God should remove this pain? Do we discredit their testimony when in fact God brings them through and transforms their lives because of the pain?
Pain has transformed our family. Was my husband a candidate for healing? Certainly, yes. Do I believe he has been healed? Yes, I do! Let me explain my belief system to you.
Both Glen and I certainly believe that God can and does still perfor…