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God Comes Through Once Again!!!!!

The work of Concerts of Hope Inc comes with the vision to be mobile. It is our desire to share our work around the US by joining hearts and hands with others doing similar work. It is always amazing to watch God at work in our lives. He can orchestrate our plans so much better than we and he has done just that in recent months.

As many of you already know our launch date of August 2010 was driven back by other plans. Nevertheless, we waited as patiently as we could, planning and preparing for details to come together. In October we traveled to St. Simons Island, GA for a Winning Women's Conference. While there we met a wonderful lady who connected with our vision and plan. In short, she and her husband offered Concerts of Hope a place to park our RV in Deland, Florida. I am confident this was not coincidental. Our friends, Ken & Wendi Kedredle (Wear Gloves Inc), also parked in this area, have a passion to minister to homeless people. And joining with them seemed to be of God's direction.

Another month passed and the days became colder in TN. It was time to head south - but how - we had no truck to pull our 5th wheel. Amazingly we connected with someone who had heard of our work at our summer yard sales. This couple has a truck and offered to pull us to - of all places -Deland, FL!. We had offered to pay this couple for their time, not to mention we had to cover gas for a truck and our van. We arrived at a figure of money with no idea how this would come together.

Exactly 2 days before our departure God once again orchestrated the details and funding for this venture became a reality. A week before we had arranged to sell our jewelry at a local flea market. The end of the day approached and we had made no sales- strange for Strung Up Jewelry. A woman came by and struck up a conversation and recognized the jewelry from seeing it in a local shop. We hit is off and connected in a very deep way - not coincidental! In short, she had told us she wanted to donate to our cause.

A few days later we shared our plan to travel to Florida in a phone conversation. This sweet lady asked what we needed and we presented our need. She quickly responded; "consider it done!" Our girls burst into tears of relief and joy. As an effort to encourage her parents, Kyrsten had boldly declared God was going to work this out - "don't give up," she had said. It put me to shame as the tentacles of doubt has begun to creep up on me once again.

With only minutes to spare, we arrived at our local bank on Saturday afternoon with a check. My 11th hour God not only provided for our need but he exceeded it! WOW - all I can say is WOW!!!!! We know what faith is, but in reality it really is the substance of things hoped for. We have to learn to believe until is seems almost too late for God to act. His ways and timing certainly do not reflect our earthly schedules. We feel he is too late and often believe his is silent. I know, I have been there. This story made an indelible impression upon my. I pray I never forget the goodness of God.

But the story doesn't end here. We left for Florida and our lady friend's truck began to experience some problems. Whether it was her inexperience or not, the check engine light came on and would not go off. It seems the truck was groaning under the load of pulling a 34' 5th wheel. All we could do was pray and pray we did. For miles we begged God to keep us safe and heal whatever was wrong. Glen seemed a little more equipped to drive the truck and insisted he drive. After many miles the check engine light went off. Once again God has answered our prayers.

It was getting late and the travel time had exceeded daylight. About 30 miles from our final destination our van began to over heat. Now what!!!! Refusing to give in to exasperation, we pulled over and began pouring in bottles of water. Perhaps getting a truck for Concerts of Hope was closer than we thought. We didn't know what was wrong. A few days passed and upon examination of the situation, we found it was only a split hose. We went to the store and the piece of hose was given to us for free!!!! Just another blessing and promise that God had orchestrated our steps! He must want us here.

We have safely parked our RV on 10 acres in the beautiful countryside of Deland, FL! We are surrounded by woods, 2 goats, 6 cats, 2 dogs, 8 chickens or more and one bunny! We are at home here. The sand gets between your toes and never gets out! We have missed Florida. We eagerly anticipate what is in store for Concerts of Hope Inc while in the sunny south. People are hurting and need to know they are of great value in the sight of God. People from all walks of life suffer from mental illness and who understands them? We do, and it is our hearts desire to restore to them the dignity they crave and deserve. Great days are ahead. We look forward to sharing with you wonderful stories of lives changed because of daring to trust God and join him in an unscripted adventure!


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