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I don't know about you but waiting is one difficult assignment for me. Something about how I was wired, either the Irish or Yankee or perhaps both, wants "it" done yesterday. So trusting in someone else to get something done for me is a rather painful process. As I sit here today writing this to you, I recognize the life style and passion of Concerts of Hope comes at a high price. Setting aside person ideals, choosing a mission over comfort, pursuing passion with persistence requires us to wait upon God to provide that very necessary truck to pull our 5th wheel. While I wait, it becomes quite clear to me that waiting causes me to analyze my beliefs. Do I really trust that God can come through for me? Do I realize, do I believe he doesn't need me to work this out? Do I want him more than I want his provision? Oh, I hate asking that question! My honest answer reveals I have been far more interested in being comfortable and not looking foolish to onlookers. It is my highest aim to be successful in the eyes of the Lord. Really, I want this but I quickly find that even at times on a daily basis I ask myself what so and so might think of what I am doing right now. This foolish game is dangerous and one that must be left alone for the sake of a call.

So with a heightened sense of need today, I cling to God and him alone. He knows what we need. He has known all along and he has it already worked out. Making us trust is just part of his plan to teach us total reliance upon Him. TOTAL TRUST!


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