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I don't know about you but waiting is one difficult assignment for me. Something about how I was wired, either the Irish or Yankee or perhaps both, wants "it" done yesterday. So trusting in someone else to get something done for me is a rather painful process. As I sit here today writing this to you, I recognize the life style and passion of Concerts of Hope comes at a high price. Setting aside person ideals, choosing a mission over comfort, pursuing passion with persistence requires us to wait upon God to provide that very necessary truck to pull our 5th wheel. While I wait, it becomes quite clear to me that waiting causes me to analyze my beliefs. Do I really trust that God can come through for me? Do I realize, do I believe he doesn't need me to work this out? Do I want him more than I want his provision? Oh, I hate asking that question! My honest answer reveals I have been far more interested in being comfortable and not looking foolish to onlookers. It i…