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Legitimate Suffering

I have been thinking about the purpose of suffering in life. There are many points of view out and about in society. All you have to do is start talking and it is sometimes surprising what comes out. Christians have a wide range of views and when one starts discussing legitimate illness like those in the brain (or mental illnesses) the range of views many times leave the suffering ones without hope or help and without dignity or respect. We are continually made aware of this as we step out and share our message with the church. Somehow we have adopted the point of view that suffering has no place within the church. And yet, this thought is inconsistent with the life of Christ and scripture. How is it that we are so comfortable with comfortable life that we forget this???? Are we really that lukewarm?
Let's face it...people who suffer make us uncomfortable. This is true with the fact that many are enemies of the cross. Jesus and his life and death are uncomfortable facts …