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Mental Ilness, Modern Day "Leprosy"

I recently finished the novel "The Leper" by Sigmund Brouwer, based on the painting by Ron DiCianni. This book opened my mind to new thoughts about leprosy which I never knew. There were many parallels between leprosy and mental illness. The first being a grave misunderstanding of the disease, such as, one can catch the disease by touching another with leprosy. This is a fallacy which Doctors can validate. As I read deeper into the novel, there was an unmistakable realization which founded in ignorance may not always be such. There were those who longed for an excuse to discard lepers into loneliness and isolation. Many thought the adage "to be out of sight was out of mind" a convenient rationalization to not care.
A leper was the dreg of society and was not viewed with much worth to its causes. Lepers were thought not be a productive force as a human being in contributing to business life and social enhancement. Even the Reverend Terwillegar allowed his ignorance …

Passed By On The Other Side

The parable of the "Good Samaritan" is no doubt one of the most popular in the Bible. This parable has a beautiful and touching ending, however, there are a few pertinent lessons to be gleaned from this story of help and hope. We notice there are three main characters in the story; the Priest, Levite, Samaritan, and a Certain Man.
The story opens with the "Certain Man" referenced almost in an anonymous way as to draw attention to his commonness, who fell among thieves. The thieves stripped him... a sign of humiliation, and wounded him.... physical abuse.. and then left....abandoned him...leaving him half dead. This "Certain Man" represents many of the hurts experienced by humanity. The "Certain Man" also represents opportunity. So we next see the presentation of the opportunity as a "Certain Priest"...anonymous or common clergy yet representative of all clergy, sees the man. There was an unmistakable condition of this man, which b…