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God Comes Through Once Again!!!!!

The work of Concerts of Hope Inc comes with the vision to be mobile. It is our desire to share our work around the US by joining hearts and hands with others doing similar work. It is always amazing to watch God at work in our lives. He can orchestrate our plans so much better than we and he has done just that in recent months.
As many of you already know our launch date of August 2010 was driven back by other plans. Nevertheless, we waited as patiently as we could, planning and preparing for details to come together. In October we traveled to St. Simons Island, GA for a Winning Women's Conference. While there we met a wonderful lady who connected with our vision and plan. In short, she and her husband offered Concerts of Hope a place to park our RV in Deland, Florida. I am confident this was not coincidental. Our friends, Ken & Wendi Kedredle (Wear Gloves Inc), also parked in this area, have a passion to minister to homeless people. And joining with them seemed to be…


I don't know about you but waiting is one difficult assignment for me. Something about how I was wired, either the Irish or Yankee or perhaps both, wants "it" done yesterday. So trusting in someone else to get something done for me is a rather painful process. As I sit here today writing this to you, I recognize the life style and passion of Concerts of Hope comes at a high price. Setting aside person ideals, choosing a mission over comfort, pursuing passion with persistence requires us to wait upon God to provide that very necessary truck to pull our 5th wheel. While I wait, it becomes quite clear to me that waiting causes me to analyze my beliefs. Do I really trust that God can come through for me? Do I realize, do I believe he doesn't need me to work this out? Do I want him more than I want his provision? Oh, I hate asking that question! My honest answer reveals I have been far more interested in being comfortable and not looking foolish to onlookers. It i…

A Balanced Approach to Helping the Mentally Ill

(a letter I sent to someone in response to their words of advice) - it's worth reading!!!!
Thank you for your kindness to me yesterday. I know you care about Glen and me and it means a lot that you took the time from your day to share your wisdom with me. While I do appreciate it immensely and I agree with much of it, I do want to share something with you that I think you probably don't understand. (see my post today on Concerts of Hope wall)

There are a wide range of community services available in todays culture. However, many offer temporary solutions to a long term problem. Mental illness has no cure and therefore people who suffer will face continued set backs, stresses, and life management issues. Offering these people a hand up, not a hand out, is a main goal of Concerts of Hope Inc.

Glen and I are not immune from that scenario. Finding what works for him is not what works for many. And today we cannot and will not abandon ship for a temporary solution which sacrifices the…

Loose the Chains of Injustice

Social Justice has been both overlooked and misrepresented within American church culture. I am not talking about an equal distribution of wealth concept, but rather seeing the heart of the church return to it's roots and understand what it means to be a member of the Body of Christ as recorded in Acts. This account in Acts is clear that is was the mission of the church to look after each other and share ones possessions, meet each others needs to the extent that scripture records no one among them had a need. How beautiful would it be to see this form of justice practiced within the walls of every American church!
If that account is not enough then I would encourage a thorough read of Isaiah 58. The heart of the Lord is that we loose the chains of injustice, untie the cords of the yoke, share our food with the hungry, provide the poor wanderer with shelter, clothe the naked, and not turn away from our own flesh and blood. I am convinced that this account of scripture was not …

Legitimate Suffering

I have been thinking about the purpose of suffering in life. There are many points of view out and about in society. All you have to do is start talking and it is sometimes surprising what comes out. Christians have a wide range of views and when one starts discussing legitimate illness like those in the brain (or mental illnesses) the range of views many times leave the suffering ones without hope or help and without dignity or respect. We are continually made aware of this as we step out and share our message with the church. Somehow we have adopted the point of view that suffering has no place within the church. And yet, this thought is inconsistent with the life of Christ and scripture. How is it that we are so comfortable with comfortable life that we forget this???? Are we really that lukewarm?
Let's face it...people who suffer make us uncomfortable. This is true with the fact that many are enemies of the cross. Jesus and his life and death are uncomfortable facts …

Mental Ilness, Modern Day "Leprosy"

I recently finished the novel "The Leper" by Sigmund Brouwer, based on the painting by Ron DiCianni. This book opened my mind to new thoughts about leprosy which I never knew. There were many parallels between leprosy and mental illness. The first being a grave misunderstanding of the disease, such as, one can catch the disease by touching another with leprosy. This is a fallacy which Doctors can validate. As I read deeper into the novel, there was an unmistakable realization which founded in ignorance may not always be such. There were those who longed for an excuse to discard lepers into loneliness and isolation. Many thought the adage "to be out of sight was out of mind" a convenient rationalization to not care.
A leper was the dreg of society and was not viewed with much worth to its causes. Lepers were thought not be a productive force as a human being in contributing to business life and social enhancement. Even the Reverend Terwillegar allowed his ignorance …

Passed By On The Other Side

The parable of the "Good Samaritan" is no doubt one of the most popular in the Bible. This parable has a beautiful and touching ending, however, there are a few pertinent lessons to be gleaned from this story of help and hope. We notice there are three main characters in the story; the Priest, Levite, Samaritan, and a Certain Man.
The story opens with the "Certain Man" referenced almost in an anonymous way as to draw attention to his commonness, who fell among thieves. The thieves stripped him... a sign of humiliation, and wounded him.... physical abuse.. and then left....abandoned him...leaving him half dead. This "Certain Man" represents many of the hurts experienced by humanity. The "Certain Man" also represents opportunity. So we next see the presentation of the opportunity as a "Certain Priest"...anonymous or common clergy yet representative of all clergy, sees the man. There was an unmistakable condition of this man, which b…