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The ReThrived Home ™ Style Tips

The ReThrived Home™ is the latest branch of what ReThrive Designs has to offer! I am so delighted about sharing this with you. I remember when we discussed renaming our jewelry company so we could include our other design/decor passions. The name was intentional and because thriving was something we had to learn how to do over and over, we settled on the name ReThrive! We are so proud of this name, for it was chosen long before thrive became a frequently used buzz-word. A few days ago, as I was chatting to a GoDaddy representative, he complimented our name. It’s one of a kind and stands out and yes we are on the first page of google, so that matters!

ReThrive is about the patterns or layers of growth in both our lives, homes and in our unique jewelry line. It’s about recycling or reusing and this concept came, not from popularity, but rather because this is how I’ve lived life & decorated for 30 years. The ReThrived Home™ Decor Style features Gracefully Gathered, Carefully Curate…
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3 Ways to Survive a Setback

I think we can all relate to facing setbacks. At least I imagine we are not the only couple or family to face them. If you’ve lived very long you know that into each life there are times when everything seems to go in reverse and you are taking two steps back for every three going forward. Though it is progress, it is wearisome.

For the person struggling with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or any other mental health illness, setbacks are much more prevalent and expected. There’s a desperate need to learn how to survive the setback and not let it destroy our hope of good things to come. 
Glen and I know setbacks first hand and unfortunately we feel we’ve faced more than our fair share. However, here we are still together and still pushing forward. With every setback, we’ve spent many hours forging plans for surviving the downturn of health, job loss or death of a dream. It takes more courage than I ever hoped to possess to keep pushing ahead, especially when every fiber of your…

The Truth about the Dark

I wrote this blog post largely because I need to address what has happened in recent days related to suicide. I grew up in church and so my worldview is shaped by religious culture. If you can't relate to my view, I understand but I want you to read on anyway. There is always good to be gained.

Within the church world, it saddens me to know there are still large pockets of misunderstanding related to mental illness. And so, whenever I hear it, I feel I must address it. If we contrast the lives of those visited by the deep darkness we call depression, we will find the common threads not rooted in religious belief. It’s most unfortunate that Christian culture often misses the truth related to mental health. Afraid of having no answers, they become desperate to define so as to perhaps quell their own questions. But depression is no respecter of persons or religions. Throughout history we find it has visited the most righteous to the most degenerate; both knew it’s sting. Men of Go…

When Goodbyes are Said

While we are saying goodbye to yet another month in 2018, we are also closing out the month that is dedicated to mental health awareness.For me, however, every month is mental health month...actually every day.As we say goodbye to May, I realize that I am all too familiar with goodbyes in my life.I have to admit that I not really pleased or comfortable saying farewell.There is something built in me that would love to fix or repair every broken or dysfunctional relationship.Sadly, there are many folks with whom you just cannot reconcile.And when that happens you must learn the art of self preservation.
Walking away takes great strength, perhaps more strength than staying in what is broken.Silence is a powerful and often unused art form.For in being silent, we actually speak volumes.We are saying we can't or won't tolerate being abused.We are making it known that we have tried every possible angle to restore but when some believe that it's always the other persons fault, ho…

A Song is Born

A couple years ago I sat down at our family dining room table and had a heart to heart with my parents. “I think it would be wise to set a goal,” I murmured. I spoke of common sense and being “smart” while chasing my dreams, and as they listened I felt mature and well-rounded. “This is good. This is what everyone talks about,” I thought. I was being sensible. By the age of thirty, if there hasn’t been significant progress, I will lay down my guitar and my pen and pursue something else. Something sensible. Good. It’s decided. 
  I walked away from that conversation feeling like I had just graduated four long, grueling college years. I was finished. I had made it through the emotions and indecision and I was holding a piece of paper that symbolized the finality of this. I felt like I had done the responsible thing. Everyone speaks so pragmatically when the topic of “dreams” is mentioned. “Of course I believe you’re talented, but what if it doesn’t happen?” 
Now, I’m not going to launch…

Runnin' Down a Dream

Tom Petty inspired us all when he wrote Runnin’ down a dream!  Chasin’ mysteries, while familiar for him, is also a familiar tune for our family. We’ve gone where the wind blew, chased a thousand dreams in hopes of building something great and magical. Often our hopes were dashed and all we built were pipe dreams. Nonetheless, deeply ingrained in our souls, has been the unwavering desire to do the unexpected, to follow the stirrings in our hearts and go where the road less traveled may lead.

Once upon a time, there was a little family of 5, who ran down a dream. We sold everything we owned and traded normal life for one in an RV. Our children watched the dream explode and take on a life of its own. It’s sort of no surprise that those babes of ours are chasing their own dreams.

Two of our daughters are giving their all to find their place in the music world.  And you know this road can be crazy... filled with potholes and setbacks. My oldest daughter is 27, and I know there are days w…

Reset ReThrive

If you know anything about me, you will know that I am a woman of faith. I am sharing a powerful verse of scripture that suddenly interrupted my morning thoughts yesterday. "You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you." (Isaiah 26:3) I grew up in a conservative home and we memorized this verse with all the thee's and thou's.  I spared you those.  LOL! Anyway, it was more like this verse interrupted my morning frustrations and feelings of inadequacy. It is good that this happened because I really need to adjust my thinking.
Here's my problem, and I seem to struggle against falling into this pit more often than I should...some days I love social media, and how you can feel drawn to people...connected and intertwined. But... some days it is an absolute liar!I personally hate when people like a page only to un-follow in a few weeks or days. Why do people do that???Rhetorical questions here!! I mean, seriously, it can mak…